Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Rapture in the Philippines

Chanced upon this website of a Christian film.

Set in the present time, “Gone” chronicles three American lawyers journey to Manila, Philippines to defend a multi-national accused of spilling hazardous waste into the Pasig River. The trio pulls off a masterful settlement, but, while there, encounter a strange beggar who speaks of the last days of the Earth. The beggar says there will be great calamities in the last days such as the ocean turning to blood, hail the size of bowling balls, and stars falling from the sky.

One by one, the events seemingly come true as the shocked trio encounters cataclysmic events as they head for the last remaining chopper back to the States; however, a surprise awaits them all in the end.

It stars Dirk Been, Joel Klug, Bianca Lapus, Chris Daluz, Max Oleov, Ronnie Bo, and Kenny Krall.

Anyone curious enough to see it? The DVD's available online.

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