Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Proliferating Grafiction

Ateneo de Manila stude Elbert Or recently coined the term grafiction (gra - FIK - shun), or fiction stories in comics form.

I like the word grafiction. It's a serious word, and carries none of the stigma that the word 'comics' has. Grafiction has that quality, as a word, that conveys a level of artistic integrity where focus on craft, style, and depth are emphasized regardless of genre.

The only limitation to the word is that it may only apply to fiction comics. The word gra-non-fiction doesn't seem to work. But then again, the word comics by its etymology is comical, or humorous. But now, it is widely used to refer to all sequential art.

I'd like to proliferate the use of the new word, and credit Sir Elbert in the process.

Let's face it, being called a 'grafictionist' has a nice artsy-fartsy ring to it. Thanks, El!

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