Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Magic Moment and Game Girl

Stopped by Comic Quest last night to pick up Vinnie's eight-page comics masterpiece on dinosaurs for our Magic Moment mini-comics project. Magic Moment is a collection of pieces from Vinnie, myself, Dean, Marco, and Elbert which has...well... "magic moment" as its theme. For the first time, Vinnie and Dean get to draw their own work after a bit of coercing. They've always taken loving stabs at us writer-illustrator types, and so it was only fit and proper to hurl the challenge at them, to have them draw their own work. If they feel proud about their work, I feel much more proud.

Anyways, Marco showed me the first installment of his Game Girl story for Psi-Com's Hainaku manga publication, illustrated by Palanca award-winner Honoel Ibardolaza. I was blown away by Honoel's work. Clean lay-outs and lines. He's got a firm hold on black-and-white rendering. There are only a few manga artists I really admire, and he's up there.

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