Drama Queen

My four year-old niece Andee loves television soaps. Her interest started with Pangako Sa 'Yo when she was three, wherein she'd identify all the actors by their characters' names. Ditto for Kung Mawawala Ka. She'd even sing the theme songs. Sometimes we wonder what kind of effect these shows have on our kids, but we slowly discovered the answer with Andee as our unintended guniea pig.

Andee had dengue fever coming about recently. Her temperature shot up to 40 degrees Celsius one night, so her mom and dad promptly rushed her to the hospital. A suppository was administered and her fever went down. When they got home, my niece could only complain, "Sinaksak ako sa puwet." (They stabbed me in the butt.) Let not your imagination run wild please.

Anyway, she didn't want to take her medicine one morning for some reason or other. My mom was miffed. They weren't speaking to each other. After some silence, Andee asked her grandmother, "Saan ka pupunta?" (Where are you going?) She always assumes my mom was going somewhere in the mornings.

Mom: Hindi ba't bibili tayo ng book mo? Paano tayo bibili ng book mo kung ayaw mong mag-take ng medicine mo? (We're supposed to buy you a book, right? But how can we buy your book if you don't want to take your medicine?)

Another pause, then Andee's voice began to quiver, "Sino na ang mag-aalaga sa akin?" (So who's going to take care of me?)

I looked at Andee. Tears began to well in her large eyes. Then, on cue as drama queens would do, she squeezed her eyelids down, forcing the tears out her eyes and down her cheeks. I looked away, keeping myself from chuckling. (Andee would do this all the time to the point of ludicrity.)

But she's doing better now. Up and about and being the darling little devil drama queen she always has been. Her parents are thinking of signing her up somewhere once she gets a bit older.

Oh, and she can sing, too. At four years old, she's uncannily near tone-perfect.


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