I haven't gone to a lot of concerts, because concerts in general don't interest me. If there's nothing much beyond the singing, the I'll just listen to the CD or watch the tape, thank you. Live concerts, to me, should be more than just seeing my favorite musical act in person. I need theatrics. I need physical energy. I need something spectacular that a mere audio can't give.

That's why I was disappointed when I saw Martin and Pops Together Again at the Araneta last February. My disappointment was exacerbated by the poor sound system and the lackluster choreography. It's main selling point, obviously, was seeing Martin and Pops perform onstage together again after their historical married life. But since I wasn't a die-hard fan and only went because friends paid for my ticket as a post-birthday present, I had hoped that I'd see something that would sustain my interest. It wasn't all bad, just generally unsatisfying. Even my companions, who braved the horrendous traffic of Edsa to watch the concert, found nothing much to rave about.

For the sake of checking old files, I was able to see the following acts perform live in a major concert: Janet Jackson, Paula Abdul, Alanis Morissette, Erasure, Swing Out Sister...hmmm... no locals... save maybe for the DLSU Chorale (who deserve bigger breaks; they're really good). I guess that's it.

The gang once contemplated looking for a toro session, but that's a different kind of concert.


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